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Can you make …?

Suitable for …
• Key Stage 2
• Whole class mental calculation
• Pairs and individual work


An editable resource.

PowerPoint 1997 - 2003 in Calibri font.


This is a set of 5 PowerPoint presentations which could be easily copied into the educational software of your choice.


Each presentation has a minimum of 5 slides and details how to use the resource with your class.


Each presentation is written and quality assured by Liz Gibbs


Here is a short description of each document.

  • Make 100 (whole numbers)
  • Make 101 (whole numbers)
  • Make 1000 (whole numbers)
  • Make 1001 (whole numbers)
  • Make 10 (1 decimal place)
  • Make 10.1 (1 decimal place)
  • Make 1 (2 decimal places)
  • Make 1.1 (2 decimal places)

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Can you make boards