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There are three dice apps in this collection.


  • Ones and tenths
  • Ones, tenths and hundredths
  • Ones, tenths, hundredths and thousandths


The same colour is used for each value.


  • Red (ones)
  • Orange (tenths)
  • Light green (hundredths)
  • Pink (thousandths)


For the best results, these apps should be opened in Google Chrome.


When purchased, you will receive a single download, with instructions and three separate files.  One file per app.


These dice have been written to my specification by an expert and act like virtual place value dice.


They can be used on your interactive whiteboard and in a variety of ways with the whole class and small groups.


Cost £3 excluding VAT @ 20% (£3.60 including VAT)

Price per resource £1 excluding VAT, £1.20 inc VAT

For International customers.

Please note that PayPal will accept any currency and complies with tax systems world wide.  
Overseas clients will be able to purchase at the excluding VAT price quoted on this page and any country specific taxes will be added to the checkout page.

Decimal value dice Apps