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My name is Liz and I am an experienced teacher and trainer. I trained at North Riding College of Further Education (University of Leeds) in the early 1980’s and when qualified, I began my teaching career at Lavenham Primary School in Suffolk in 1984.


Whilst living in Lavenham, I became a member of the Lavenham Young Farmers club, became the Akela for the 1st Lavenham Cubs and a scout helper. This also lead to voluntary work running a Children in Need holiday camping trip with special needs children in Chadacre in the late 1980’s, scout camps, being Akela again at 1st Hadleigh Cubs in the 1990s and a committee member of the 1287 Air Training Corps based at RAF Wattisham.


My teaching career has been varied and spans every age group from developing a nursery in the mid 1990s to teaching up to Year 8 in local middle schools in 2013.

In 2001 I left the full time classroom to become Numeracy Consultant for the local authority. My background teaching in large urban and small rural schools was helpful when working with schools and individual teachers.


In 2003 I was approached to become a pilot leader for the Interactive Whiteboard Pilot. Only five local authorities were involved in the Year 2/3 pilot. The pilot was a success and in 2004 I was asked to support a local authority roll out of whiteboards and National Regional Directors with training events all over the country.


Eventually, I decided to leave Local Authority work and became a National Whiteboard Network Regional Director for the National Strategies. In late 2005 I left the strategy to work in a different way, that of part time local authority consultant and independent consultant. This allowed me to travel, meeting a variety of different teachers, schools and tailoring training to their needs.  In 2011 became an independent mathematics consultant and work locally, nationally and internationally, spending up to 25% of the year overseas.


I became a published author in 2014 and one of three UK editors of Inspire maths (Singapore maths) in 2015.  I have also written many school improvement documents for Numicon and Inspire, these can be found on the Oxford Owl website.


I have also contributed to Promethean Planet and the Early Learning Headquarters website, with teaching and learning resources and was a member of the ATM General Council for 2 years.


In 2019 Cosy Direct published many of my place value and problem solving ideas in a short series of cards (more details can be found on my current publications page)


During the 2020 spring and summer lockdown, I created a lot of free resources to help parents and schools, these can be found on my problem solving and reasoning page and dice, dominoes and digit card page. I have also started run some short online courses for teachers using Zoom.  Upcoming courses are published from time to time on my courses page.

From November 2018 to 2020 I was a supporting member of COBIS (Council of British International Schools).


My most recent work is writing lessons for BBC Bitesize (online) and script writing for BBC Teacher Talks.  These will all be online from mid autumn term 2020 onwards.


Over the years, I have worked with a wide selection of education based clients.


  • BBC Bitesize

  • BBC Teacher Talks

  • Oxford University Press

  • Publishing – Writing - Editing - Online materials – Numicon CPD - Inspire Maths CPD


  • Learning Works – CPD workshops

  • Osiris – CPD courses and bespoke school based work

  • CIE – international work in Egypt and Kazakhstan

  • ISA – CPD courses

  • National Numeracy – School based school improvement

  • Quest for Learning – CPD for teaching assistants

  • Klays Consulting – Writing – Editing – Delivering CPD in Nigeria and Doha

  • Magic Message Ltd – CPD courses and workshops

  • Marshall Cavendish Publishing, Singapore – Editing (via OUP)

  • Cosy Direct Ltd. – consultancy and publishing

  • ATM – General council member (branches) and CPD workshop leader

  • Norfolk Maths Conference – CPD workshop leader

  • Authors Abroad – School based: More able maths days

  • Independent School Improvement Work


I also support several state/independent schools, academies and trusts on a regular basis in the following UK regions and towns.

  • London

  • Lincolnshire

  • Norfolk

  • North Yorkshire

  • Oldham

  • Sheffield

  • Doncaster

  • Suffolk


Up until recently, Andrew Jeffrey and I ran a maths tour of Asia during February and March every year and some UK based courses.  Check out our respective newsletters for further information, my international schools page on this website or get in touch via my contact page.  Here is a link to Andrew’s homepage. 


I also work with schools overseas delivering CPD, working with maths subject leaders and teachers.


Overseas experience:


(* means multiple trips ** means annual or regular visits)


Azerbaijan - Bahrain* - Brunei - China** (Beijing, Guangzhou & Shanghai) - Czech Republic – Dubai** -  Egypt* - Germany - Gibraltar - Hong Kong** - India - Indonesia - Japan* - Kazakhstan - Kuwait* - Luxembourg* - Malaysia** - Malta - Netherlands - New Zealand - Nigeria - Peru - Qatar - Singapore** - Spain - Switzerland** - Taiwan** - Thailand** - Trinidad & Tobago


This website isn’t sponsored by anyone else or a company.  The content you see on all thebusylizzie pages is either sourced or written by me.  I’m helped by Paul Collen who is my web designer.


Thank you for visiting my website and with regular updates, I hope to see you visit again soon.





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