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Click on the image below to open up a pdf version of the problem, possible way to solve and solution.

Dice totals.png
dice game multiplication.png
Dice game negative numbers.png
Odd and Even Dice.png
Multiplication and division with 2 dice.
Four dice make 50.png
Hit 20!.png
Climb to the top (addition).png
Odd and even (2).png
Odd and even (3).png
Start on 5 and end on 4.png
Knock out!.png
Knock Out.png
Dice in number order.png
Factor dice game.png
Playing Cards
Hit 25 using playing cards.png
Getting started with playing cards.png
Square arrangement.png
Addition to 20.png
Add three cards.png
Multiplication practice.png
Whats the total.png
Memory game match.png
Memory game pairs.png
Three in a row.png
Calculation addition and subtraction.png
Addition with dominoes.png
domino dogs.png
Six piece domino squares problems.png
Fraction dominoes.png
Multiplication domino squares.png
Domino pattern cards.png
Multiplication domino squares (2).png
Column addition dominoes (2).png
Domino magic square.png
Domino challenge.png
Mystery domino.png
Mystery domino 2.png
Mystery domino 3.png
Domino pyramids.png
Domino addition.png
Difference dominoes.png
Number of spots.png
Can you make 12.png
Digit Cards
place value game.png
digit card place value game.png
odds and evens.png
recognising numerals.png
Using digit cards with a 100 square.png
Number statements game with digit cards.
Digit card clues.png
Digit card multiplication and division.p
Addition and answer problem.png
Addition problem.png
Multiples of 6.png
Thirteen digit cards.png
Two-digit numbers.png
Multiples of 9.png
Other resources
can you make 100.png
can you make 1.png
10 Frame.png
Matchsticks Puzzles set 1.png
Matchsticks Puzzles set 2.png
Fizz Buzz activity.png
Can you make 10.1.png
Multiplication square.png
Maths in the environment.png
Matchstick calculations 1.png
Matchstick calculations 2.png
Roman numeral matchsticks 1.png
Roman numeral matchsticks 2.png
Factor bugs, stingers & silkworms.png
Matchstick calculations 3.png
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