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In addition to running courses, workshops and conferences, I have a great deal of experience in school improvement, having worked for 11 years with the Suffolk School Improvement team and the Primary National Strategy as a numeracy consultant and Regional Director.

Here are just a few ways I’ve worked in local, national and international schools.


Senior leadership and subject leader

Monitoring mathematics

  • Book scrutiny

  • Lesson observations

  • Learning walks

  • Pupil perception interviews

Assessment, tracking and data

Developing a school maths policy

Developing a school calculation policy

Progression mapping

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Planning – LPT, MTP and STP

Question level analysis

Maths action plan, annual plan and longer term plans

Developing the role of the subject leader

Lesson study
Developing mathematics outdoors

Developing cross curricular links with mathematics

Talking Maths (EAL intervention)

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Leading parent’s meetings and workshops

  • Introduction to mastery

  • Helping your child with maths at home

  • Supporting your Year 2 child

  • Supporting your Year 6 child


Easter schools



Whole school

Demonstration lessons and workshops with children

Working with year groups of phases on bespoke areas of mathematics

Working with teachers on a 1:1 basis

CPD (examples only)

  • Teaching a mastery curriculum

  • Introduction to mastery

  • Part whole and bar modelling

  • Working at greater depth

  • A mastery approach to teaching calculation

  • Securing multiplication facts

  • Guided group work

  • Questioning

  • Supporting less able children

  • Supporting more able children

  • Speaking and listening in mathematics

  • Using subject specific vocabulary

  • Empty Number Line (ENL) approach to calculation

  • Developing the role of ICT in mathematics

  • Cross curricular links with mathematics


Teaching assistants

Working with teaching assistants in the classroom

Training teaching assistants

CPD (examples only)

  • Supporting mental and written methods

  • Assisting learning in maths lessons

  • Supporting assessment in mathematics



General CPD and school based work booking information


In school support is available across the UK and internationally. 

If you are interested in any CPD or school based work, please get in touch via the contact page.

UK schools


A set of terms and conditions regarding bookings and cancellations is available on request and is updated on an annual basis.


CPD or in school support can be booked on a day or half day basis.

Staff meetings or extended twilight sessions are only available to

  • Schools within a 30 radius of Ipswich, or

  • When booked with a half day or full day support package


General travel information


Where possible, the cheapest mode of transport or ticket price is sourced.


All flights are economy class


Due to geographical location (Ipswich), most travel will be by car.


Travel is charged at 45p per mile


Travel to London schools will be by train from Ipswich Station to London Liverpool Street Station.  This includes a drive to the station, rail ticket and a car parking fee.


If a school is more than two hours drive (post codes used with, then 50% of the cost of accommodation is required.  Accommodation is usually Travelodge, Days Inn, Premier Inn etc, therefore 50% will be in the region of £25 to £40 per night.


VAT of 20% is applied to the final invoice.  In most cases, schools can claim the VAT back.  Please check with your school office.


International Schools


Due to location, costs and times can vary a great deal.


Please get in touch for initial costs and check out the International Schools page.

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