Click on the image below to open up a pdf version of the problem, possible way to solve and solution.

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Bar modelling


Many thanks to Cassy Turner who has allowed me to convert her bar modelling videos from her Word Problem Wednesday into PowerPoint presentations.


Word problem Wednesday is available on her website 


These are available here as PowerPoints (pptx) or pdf downloads.


NNS Homework Activities

Here are some pdf copies of the old National Numeracy Strategy homework book.  

Apologies in advance, as the quality isn’t great, but you can still use the ideas and activities.  

Click on the linked text to open a pdf copy.

  1. Pick two (Year 1)

  2. Play pasta (Year 1)

  3. Coin challenge (Year 2)

  4. Four pin bowling (Year 2)

  5. Stick square (Year 3)

  6. Take ten cards (Year 3)

  7. Heads and tails (Year 3)

  8. At the sales (Year 3)

  9. Magic square (Year 4)

  10. Odds and evens (Year 4)

  11. Emma’s Jelly Babies (Year 5)

  12. Time for TV (Year 5)

  13. Carlo’s café (year 6)

  14. Money moves (Year 6)

  15. Think of a number (year 6)


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