Roman numeral matchsticks 1

Ideal for Year 3 (7 to 8 year olds).

Roman numeral calculations which need correcting by either moving, adding or taking away matchsticks. Set of 6.

Roman numeral matchsticks 2

Ideal for Year 3 (7 to 8 year olds).

Roman numeral calculations which need correcting by either moving, adding or taking away matchsticks. Set of 6.

Matchstick calculations 3

Another set of 6 calculations which need correcting by either moving, adding or taking away matchsticks.

Factor bugs, stingers and silkworms

An investigation for Years 5 and 6 (10 and 11 year olds).  A great way to remember and record factors.

Dice in number order

A game for two or more players.  You’ll need six dice. Roll the dice and score points for dice in order.

Knock out

A game for two or more players.  Each has two dice and a number line.  If their dice score is a number on their number line, they can cross it out.  First to cross out the whole number line is the winner.

Domino addition


A game for two or more players and a full set of dominoes.  Add up the spots on each domino.  This becomes your score.  The person with the highest score wins the game.

Domino addition.png

Difference dominoes


A game for two or more players.


Add up the spots on each domino, then find the difference between the two.

Difference dominoes.png

Multiples of 6 


A digit card problem.  Can you make five two-digit multiples of 6 using 0 à 9 digit cards only once?

Multiples of 6.png

Thirteen digit cards


Using this (and one other arrangement), can you arrange the digit cards so that there are no consecutive numbers on a line?  Find more than one way to solve this.

Thirteen digit cards.png

H shaped puzzle


A number based puzzle using this arrangement.

H shaped puzzle.png

Half a shape


Can you make the whole shape before it was cut in half?  Record your work and show the vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines of symmetry.

Half a shape.png

Cross arrangement


A number based puzzle using this arrangement.

Four cubes


How many different shapes can you build using just four cubes?  Can you record them on isometric paper?  Watch out for repeats!

Four cubes.png

Snowflake puzzle


A number based puzzle using this arrangement.

Snowflake shaped puzzle.png

Birthday cake


A tricky problem.  Cut this cake into eight equal pieces using only 3 straight cuts.  Solution included.

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Maths Association Primary maths challenge. Download past challenges from here

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ATM (Association of Teachers of Mathematics) There are some activities and publications free to download, a majority of this is for older children upper KS 2, KS 3 and GCSE.

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First for maths

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