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Multiplication and division fact cards for KS 2

The reason for printing on different coloured card is so that children can be assured that the card they have selected is a multiplication and division fact card they are familiar with.
Children may decide to challenge themselves and select a different colour card.

Please read these instructions before downloading (pdf 138kb)

Numicon - Turning Overlays into Problem Solving


Ten frame cards and activities

Click on the thumbnail image to download a file of PowerPoints, ideas and activities.

Ten Frames Zip File (9.7MB)

Place Values

The place value download consists of hundreds, tens and ones. It is suitable for KS 1 and lower KS 2. There are two different formats as I find some teachers prefer the hundreds at the top of the card and others the hundreds at the bottom. You will only need to print out one page from this document.
Place value chart (pdf 40kb)


Small 0 – 6 spot dominoes (10 per page) (pdf file 220kb)
Medium 0 – 6 spot dominoes (4 per page) (pdf file 183kb)
Large 0 – 6 spot dominoes 9 (1 per page) (pdf file 213kb)
Dominoes activity Smartboard file (zip file 22kb)
Dominoes activity Promethean file (zip file 675kb)


Roll and add (pdf file 56kb). A simple game that can be adapted for children of different ages and abilities by using different dice (8, 12 or 10 sided dice) and higher numbers on the game board.New
Paw Prints (pdf file 56kb). A mental calculation game.
Ladybird number cards (pdf file 98kb). A4 sheets showing a ladybird with a set number of spots on her back. Print, laminate and trim to use on washing lines or for number displays.New
Fill the grid with numbers from 1 to 36 (pdf file 9kb). Write in numbers from 1 to 36. You may only use the numbers once.
Handymaths (pdf file 52kb). This is a way to help you remember exactly which months in the year have thirty-one days in them.

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