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Current Publications

Current publications, writing and editing information


Over the years, I have written blog pages for Promethean planet and some activity pages for the Early Learning Headquarters website.


I’m also a published author with Oxford University Press and have co-authored a suite of teacher and pupil resources for Numicon.

  • Numicon: Geometry, Measures and Statistics Year 1

  • Numicon: Geometry, Measures and Statistics Year 2

  • Numicon: Geometry, Measures and Statistics Year 3

  • Numicon: Geometry, Measures and Statistics Year 4

I have also written many school improvement documents for Oxford University Press which are available via an online subscription with OUP.

Here are just a few documents I’ve written


  • Curriculum mapping documents for each year group: Mapping all the activity groups from the teaching guides to the 2013/14 National Curriculum objectives for each year group.


  • Mixed age planning guidance,

  • SATs guidance for Years 2 & 6

  • Transition guides for each year group (initially written for a year group but I updated and revised a year later, transition by Inspire book),

  • Inspire homework activities (with other authors for all year groups),

  • Parents evening PowerPoint presentation, notes, letter to parents and guidance for schools,

  • Guidance paper on the 'Daily Mathematics Meeting',

  • Inspire additional activities for teachers to address areas not covered by Inspire, i.e. Roman Numerals (with other authors).


I am also one of only three editors of Singapore maths, My Pals are Here, known as Inspire Maths in the UK (Inspire teachers guides, text books and pupil books).


My latest publications are with Cosy Direct

Here are the weblinks to these, each pack costs £2.99. 

A full set is slightly discounted to £13.99


Problem solving with dominoes

Quick cups

Place value in KS 1


Place value in Lower KS 2


Place value in Upper KS 2


All five publications

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