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I travel anywhere in the world to support schools. I have worked overseas with BEAM, Oxford University Press (Numicon and Inspire), CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) and as an independent.


I continue to work overseas as an independent consultant and every spring with my maths friend Andrew Jeffrey on our annual maths tour. 


On my travels, I often get asked if I can ‘pop by’ or ‘drop in’ to a school while overseas. My travel plans are always fixed up to a month or so before I travel and although I would love to help schools while I’m away, I am restricted by flights and onward work plans.  Booking early is the key here.

If I know well in advance about a planned trip I will publish it online, so that schools can get in touch and take advantage of my trip to their country or a country close by.

While away, I will base myself in a particular country, e.g. Singapore. If a school in Singapore requires support, I will invoice for one days accommodation and my daily fee. However, if I am required to travel to Malaysia, then in addition to my accommodation and fee, return flights from Singapore to Malaysia will also be added to my invoice.

In the past groups of schools have arranged their mathematics CPD to take advantage of my time overseas and they have shared the flight costs between them. This is considerably cheaper than booking me for a single CPD event from the UK.

Please contact me for further details by using the contact page on my website. Unless I am travelling or have limited internet access, I aim to respond to e mails within 24 hours.



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